Wigs and Prostheses

Hair loss resulting from chemotherapy can be a highly emotional and anxiety provoking experience, although some treatments may only cause hair thinning and not total hair loss.  The nurses who teach you about your treatments or your physician will be able to best able to tell you what to expect based on the treatment recommended for you.

Making an appointment to shop for a wig before you lose your hair is important.  It not only provides the trained technician to see how you normally wear your hair, it gives you enough time to order one if a specific style or size is not in stock.  You will want to have it available once your hair loss occurs.

It may be necessary to have your wig adjusted or refitted once hair loss is complete.  The technicians can help you style the wig and provide instructions for caring for your wig.

  • Brand new wigs are offered at no charge to patients whose insurance does not cover a cranial prosthesis. An American Cancer Society-trained volunteer will help you choose the “right look” from many styles and colors available. Call the American Cancer Society at 630-932-1141, option 3 or 800-227-2345.  Wigs can be tried on at the Edward Cancer Center in Plainfield, and the Wellness House in Hinsdale.
  • If you prefer to shop for a wig from a catalog, pick up a TLCdirect pamphlet from our office, or online at http://www.tlcdirect.org/.  There is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, as well as head wraps and scarves.
  • Naturally Yours is a recommended wig boutique on Route 83 in Willowbrook.  Appointments are required but personal service is provided.   It is recommended that you check with your insurance to see in cranial prostheses are a covered benefit before shopping for your wig.  This salon also supplies breast prostheses, specialty tops and swimsuits for the mastectomy patient.