Telephone Calls

Telephone Call Questions

How are telephone calls with patient questions handled?


    • Your calls are received/answered by a receptionist who forwards the message to the nursing team. On a triage basis: a nurse will review your question and respond based on the level of urgency. While you may feel a delay between the time a call is placed to the office and when you receive a response, realize that much is happening on your behalf behind the scenes. Calls may need to be made to another facility to receive your test results. Refills may require insurance authorization or the doctor’s approval.

Every effort will be made to return your call promptly. Messages are prioritized and calls returned as time permits. Calling us several times with the same message, only reduces our efficiency. We will stay after office hours to return calls if necessary.

I usually see my doctor in Naperville (Darien). May I call the Darien (Naperville) office with questions?

  • Both offices have access to patient medical records. The doctors and nurses see patients in both Naperville and Darien offices. It is often better to contact the office where you are usually seen, since the medical staff will be more familiar with your case.