Lab Work and Treatment

Lab Work and Treatment Questions

Can lab work be completed in your offices or can I use offsite labs?

  • Our onsite labs are accredited by COLA. Complete Blood Counts (CBCs) are done in our labs prior to each treatment. Depending upon medical insurance policies, some patients have their labs drawn at:

How do I receive my lab results?

  • Test results may take up to a week. Your medical team will contact you with the test results and any instructions as soon as they are available. We do not routinely call with normal test results but you are welcome to call and request them.
  • Online results are available for most lab work if the blood was drawn in our office.  Wait for 2-3 days for routine tests results to be reviewed by your physician, then utilize the Patient Portal link in the top right corner of the home page of our website.  Select “Ask a Question” and type a brief note requesting your lab results.  Once the results are reviewed, a report will be generated and available to you via the portal.
  • We are not able to send lab results by fax or email.

I live in a retirement community with lab services. Do you accept test results drawn from our lab service?

  • Yes, our medical staff receives patient lab results from retirement and nursing home communities and is in contact with your medical team as needed.

Can I receive treatments in HOC offices?

  • Yes, both of our offices provide comfortable areas for you to receive chemotherapy, injections and other prescribed treatments. Some of the treatment areas are private. We have DVDs, puzzles, games and free Wi-Fi for your enjoyment. Family members or a friend are welcome to accompany you to treatment.