Our Patient Portal is now live and ready for your use.

The link to our patient portal is in the upper right corner of our homepage, just under the phone numbers.  By selecting that link, you will be directed to a login page for Medfusion.  If you already have a username and password (Health Key) from another provider (physician), it may be used for our site as well.  If not, you can create a new username and password.

From the portal, you can request an appointment, ask the staff a question specific to your history/diagnosis, or access some of your test results.

  • If a test was performed in our office (like a CBC blood test), the results will be available for viewing within 48 hours of your physician having viewed them.
  • If your labs were drawn and sent to Quest Laboratories, those results will interface with our software and will be available through our portal, if you send us a message and request them, but only after your physician has reviewed them.
  • If you had a lab test done at ACL or Labcorp, you will need to retrieve your results directly from those labs as they do not interface with our software.  Please ask a nurse if you need assistance or directions with this process.
  • If a test was ordered by our office, but performed in another facility, the results can only be obtained from that facility.  For example, the results of an Xray or scan can only be obtained from the hospital or facility where the test was done.

The portal is NOT meant to replace face-to-face interactions with your healthcare team.  Please do not be offended if we respond to your question by requesting you make an appointment.  Sometimes, the best assessment is done face-to-face.