What to Expect in Our Offices?

What to Expect in Our Offices

The doctors are all specialized and certified Medical Oncologists. That means they provide chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or biotherapy. Radiation and surgical treatments are treated by specialists in those fields, and will be partners in your care, if it is required.

When you visit our practice, you will be examined, have lab work drawn and may receive any IV or injectable treatments in our infusion room. The treatment rooms are open and appointed with comfortable recliners and blankets. Television is available, if you choose, and we encourage you to bring DVDs of your choice (although we have a limited selection) to watch if your treatments will take over 2 hrs. Many patients read, work puzzle books, watch a movie on computer tablets or laptops (please bring ear buds), and converse with other patients. Some patients receive medications that may make them sleepy, and therefore nap throughout their treatment. It is our goal that you are comfortable enough to do whatever makes you at ease.

After you and your doctor have decided on a treatment that is best for you, you will meet with one of our staff for anĀ educational session. This may be provided by a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or one of the chemotherapy nurses. It may be scheduled as a separate appointment after your consultation and staging is complete, or it may, under some circumstances, be the same day as your consultation. It is optimal to have someone with you at this session to provide a second set of ears.

We understand that this is an emotional and frightening experience and the amount of information can be overwhelming. Having a friend or relative with you will be a back-up for remembering what you were told when you get home. Written information will also be provided to supplement what you are taught. Much of this information is regarding your safety as you start your treatments. It is vital that you read what you are given and share it with a friend or loved one, and save it for later reference. Our nursing staff is very knowledgeable and will be accessible by phone if you have questions or concerns before your next scheduled appointment in the office.